Saying Yes to Your Inner Superherowith Jeffrey Smith and Ann Marie Tommey, MD


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Creating a more fulfilling life
  • Reevaluating, reprioritizing and transitioning
  • How taking back your power impacts change

Guest Experts

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith delivers transformational communication on a global scale. Over the past 24 years, he awakened the world to the serious health dangers of GMOs and Roundup through bestselling books, award-winning movies, and 1,000 lectures and 1,000 interviews in 45 countries. Named “Person of the Year” by Masters of Health magazine, his work is considered the major reason why 51% of Americans believe genetically engineered foods are unsafe. He is currently building a worldwide movement to halt the massive release of gene edited organisms, which would irreversibly corrupt and replace nature’s gene pool. He also created the global online program A Magnificent New Normal because he views society’s emergence from the pandemic shut down as an unprecedented opportunity to uplift humanity for generations to come. Given the enormity of the issues and opportunities mankind is facing, he encourages people to: “THINK HUGE…Thinking ‘big’ is so last century.”

Ann Marie Tommey, MD

The blessing that Dr. Ann Marie Tommey received during a near death experience at age 14 inspired her loving and compassionate practice of medicine for 30 years. During her first 15 years, she focused on caring for pregnant women, new mothers and babies as an OB/GYN. While she loved this work, she had a habit overgiving and eventually burned out. She then realized she needed to learn to care for herself as well as for others, and this led her into the then nascent field of functional medicine and specializing in hormones. During these years, she helped 1000s of women, and some men, discover how to balance their empowered action with self-care and self-compassion, opening the door to truly living their best lives.

Most recently she has shifted again, bringing new passion and focus to her work on the interactions between mind, body and spirit that have continued to be vital to her since her life-altering experience. She is now bringing out into new teachings her deepest wisdom developed through her lifelong spiritual journey that includes, yet exceeds, her work as an MD. She works with groups and teaches courses, supporting her people to empower themselves.

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