Steps for Taking Control of Your Life and Moving Forwardwith Eric Edmeades


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • How a healthy body creates a foundation for success
  • Rebuilding your self-esteem
  • Using visualization to achieve your goals

Guest Expert

Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades spent the earlier part of his life struggling with constant sinus and throat infections, excess weight, acne and chronic fatigue. His doctors believed that surgically removing his tonsils was the solution, but on a whim, he decided to experiment with changing his diet. Within 30 days, all of his symptoms went away, so the surgery was canceled. He became fascinated by food’s role in achieving true health. He wanted to understand why simple dietary changes healed his body — especially when Western medicine’s only solution was cutting out a part of his body.

His research took him to live with bushmen in Africa, where he studied their eating patterns. He waded through stacks of nutritional data and functional anthropology research. He devoted years of his life to analyzing and testing his theories, and WildFit is the culmination of it all. Without his passion, the thousands of people whose lives have been changed by WildFit would still be struggling with poor health and debilitating diseases.

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