Attaining High Performancewith John Hagel, JD, MBA


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • What is The Passion of the Explorer?
  • Aligning your life to achieve your goals
  • Impact of “positive friction” from like-minded people who challenge you

Guest Expert

John Hagel, JD, MBA

John Hagel has been in Silicon Valley for 40 years. He has been the founder of two tech startups and a senior executive at Atari. He served as a partner at McKinsey & Co. and helped open up their Silicon Valley office as well as starting their electronic commerce practice back in 1993. More recently, he was the founder and chairman of the Center for the Edge, a research center at Deloitte, with the charter of identifying emerging business opportunities that should be on the CEO's agenda, but are not, and pursuing research to persuade them to put them on the agenda. He has now retired from Deloitte and is pursuing an idea to build an activation center that will change the world. On the side, he has written 7 best-selling books and is now finishing his 8th book, with the working title of From Pressure to Passion.

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